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Cheers to Extraordinary Experiences: Where Innovation and Exploration Meet Flavor.

Hey! I’m JB, I explore the best of food, wine, and spirits from across the globe.

Whether you’re hunting for an affordable wine that turns an ordinary meal into something memorable or seeking a special, limited-edition bottle to toast to an occasion, I’m here to help you. My reviews span the spectrum, but one thing ties them all together: they’re more than just great food, wines, and spirits.

They are great stories waiting to be uncorked.

My story begins more than 20 years ago, receiving an invitation from a classmate to a wine-making demonstration at Kendall-Jackson. I was curious and intrigued. I was utterly fascinated by the careful craftsmanship, passion, and science behind transforming simple grapes into bottles of art. Eager to learn more, I picked up a winemaking book. Many books, actually. The more I read, the deeper I was drawn into this intricate world of wine and, eventually, brandies and distilled spirits. From that random demonstration onwards, what started as curiosity gradually ripened into a passion that includes traveling, writing, and winemaking.

There’s a world of flavor out there waiting. Here’s to good food, great drinks, and the stories that bring them to life. Cheers!

  • On-going studies in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis
  • Silver Medal – Petite Sirah (1st Annual Bottleshock) | Silver Medal – Syrah (OC Harvest Festival)
  • Champagne via Comité Champagne | Certified American Wine ExpertTM

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