18bin Las Vegas Arts District

18bin is the Las Vegas Arts District’s newest bar and restaurant. The new hotspot represents the latest concept by Las Vegas culinary veterans and investors Sonny Ahuja and Don Welch, the team behind the critically acclaimed Bin702 at Container Park.

The name derives from its location in the heart of 18b—the historic Downtown Las Vegas area designated as the city’s Arts District—and “bin” pays homage to its sister concept, Bin702.

Situated on the highly trafficked corner of Charleston Boulevard and South Art Way in the Arts Factory, 18bin has a 4,000-square-foot indoor space and an expansive, 5,000-square-foot outdoor patio. The venue attracts Las Vegas’ diverse lunch crowd, visitors, locals, and artists by day. At night, it becomes the quintessential, centrally located happy-hour spot as well as the must-go destination for a memorable evening out with great food, drinks, and live entertainment.

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Events by this organizer


07oct(oct 7)6:00 pm08(oct 8)12:00 amFirst Friday @18bin

08oct(oct 8)9:00 pm09(oct 9)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

09oct10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin

12oct(oct 12)9:00 pm13(oct 13)2:00 am80's Night at 18bin

13oct(oct 13)9:00 pm14(oct 14)2:00 amLive Music Thursday's at 18bin

14oct(oct 14)9:00 pm15(oct 15)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

15oct(oct 15)9:00 pm16(oct 16)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

16oct10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin

19oct(oct 19)9:00 pm20(oct 20)2:00 am80's Night at 18bin

20oct(oct 20)9:00 pm21(oct 21)2:00 amLive Music Thursday's at 18bin

21oct(oct 21)9:00 pm22(oct 22)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

22oct(oct 22)9:00 pm23(oct 23)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

23oct10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin

26oct(oct 26)9:00 pm27(oct 27)2:00 am80's Night at 18bin

27oct(oct 27)9:00 pm28(oct 28)2:00 amLive Music Thursday's at 18bin

28oct(oct 28)9:00 pm29(oct 29)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

29oct(oct 29)9:00 pm30(oct 30)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

30oct10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin


02nov(nov 2)9:00 pm03(nov 3)2:00 am80's Night at 18bin

03nov(nov 3)9:00 pm04(nov 4)2:00 amLive Music Thursday's at 18bin

04nov(nov 4)6:00 pm05(nov 5)12:00 amFirst Friday @18bin

04nov(nov 4)9:00 pm05(nov 5)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

05nov(nov 5)9:00 pm06(nov 6)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

06nov10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin

09nov(nov 9)9:00 pm10(nov 10)2:00 am80's Night at 18bin

10nov(nov 10)9:00 pm11(nov 11)2:00 amLive Music Thursday's at 18bin

11nov(nov 11)9:00 pm12(nov 12)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

12nov(nov 12)9:00 pm13(nov 13)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

13nov10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin

16nov(nov 16)9:00 pm17(nov 17)2:00 am80's Night at 18bin

17nov(nov 17)9:00 pm18(nov 18)2:00 amLive Music Thursday's at 18bin

18nov(nov 18)9:00 pm19(nov 19)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

19nov(nov 19)9:00 pm20(nov 20)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

20nov10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin

23nov(nov 23)9:00 pm24(nov 24)2:00 am80's Night at 18bin

24nov(nov 24)9:00 pm25(nov 25)2:00 amLive Music Thursday's at 18bin

25nov(nov 25)9:00 pm26(nov 26)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

26nov(nov 26)9:00 pm27(nov 27)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

27nov10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin

30nov01dec80's Night at 18bin


30nov01dec80's Night at 18bin

01dec9:00 pm02(dec 2)2:00 amLive Music Thursday's at 18bin

02dec(dec 2)6:00 pm03(dec 3)12:00 amFirst Friday @18bin

02dec(dec 2)9:00 pm03(dec 3)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

03dec(dec 3)9:00 pm04(dec 4)2:00 amWeekends at 18bin

04dec10:00 am6:00 pmSunday Brunch @ 18Bin