a bottle of wine in bottle shock

Bottle Shock

What does bottle shock do to wine?


Bottle shock is a temporary condition in which the aromas and flavors of the wine are disturbed. It typically occurs immediately after bottling or due to vigorous handling during transportation.

Context and Usage:

When wine experiences bottle shock, it may taste flat and have little to no aroma. This condition can be concerning, but it is temporary. Allowing the wine some gentle cellar time will help restore it to its intended condition. In some cases, aerating the wine can provide a quick solution to alleviate the effects of bottle shock.

Additional Information:

Bottle shock is a common phenomenon in the winemaking process. Wine enthusiasts should recognize that this condition is not a flaw but a temporary state. Proper storage and handling of the wine after bottling can minimize the occurrence of bottle shock.


After purchasing a bottle of wine that has been recently transported, you might notice it tastes less vibrant than expected. Letting it rest for a few weeks in a cool, dark place or decanting it before serving can help bring out its full flavors and aromas.