arinto grape cluster


What does Arinto wine taste like?


Arinto is a widely cultivated grape in Portugal, known for producing wines with lively acidity and excellent aging potential. This grape variety is popular for blending in both still and sparkling wines.

Context and Usage

Arinto wines are typically dry with a light to medium body and an alcohol content ranging from 11.5% to 13.5%. The wine is characterized by its acidity and distinct lemon zest flavors. Arinto pairs exceptionally well with Portuguese dishes, especially the traditional fish dish bacalhau.

Additional Information

The high acidity of Arinto not only contributes to its refreshing taste but allows it to age gracefully. This makes Arinto a versatile choice for winemakers and is suitable for various wine styles. It is often used to add structure and freshness to blends, making it a staple in Portuguese winemaking.


A glass of Arinto might offer a vibrant burst of citrus flavors with a crisp, clean finish that perfectly complements seafood dishes.