Aglianico grape cluster


What kind of wine is Aglianico?


Aglianico is one of the most impressive wines from southern Italy. It is made from a black grape variety often referred to as the ‘Barolo of the South.’ Known for its exceptional aging qualities, Aglianico produces full-bodied wines with bold tannins and high acidity.

Context and Usage

The wines exhibit traits of leather and smoke, coupled with flavors of small red berries. These characteristics, along with high alcohol content, enhance the aging potential of Aglianico wines. This grape variety is renowned for producing robust and complex wines that can mature beautifully over time.

Additional Information

Aglianico’s high acidity and tannin structure make it ideal for long-term aging. The wines are often enjoyed after several years of cellaring, allowing the flavors to develop and mellow. It is primarily grown in Italy’s Campania and Basilicata regions, with some production in other parts of the world.


A well-aged Aglianico might present rich, earthy notes of leather and tobacco, balanced by the vibrant fruitiness of red berries, making it a perfect match for hearty dishes like roasted meats and aged cheeses.