Winery Wedding Outfit Ideas can be challenging. Of course you can chose the right pair of shoes and clothing protect.

What to Wear to a Wedding at a Winery

What to wear to a wedding at a winery or vineyard? Look no further. Although this post is geared toward what to wear as a guest, we always recommend keeping the bride and overall style in mind when choosing your outfit. Our no-nonsense guide will help you cut through the noise and arm you with educated fabric, color, and shoe options for your next winery wedding. Whether the style is beachy casual or sophisticated and elegant, we’ll guide you toward success with these easy, stress-free tips.

Key Takeaways

  • If the wedding is formal, you should dress somewhat formally. A suit is appropriate for a formal wedding, but you could get away with a sports jacket and tie or even just khakis and a polo if the occasion permits.

  • If the wedding is semi-formal, you can wear lighter-weight clothing, probably a combination of shorts or khakis for men and a polo or button-down for women.

  • Wear breathable, lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or seersucker. And don’t be afraid to wear the right colors to enhance your surroundings. Spring and summer weddings in a winery are likely candidates for pastels or light colors – light blues, pinks, mauves, yellows, greens, etc.

  • Of course, if it’s a fall or winter wedding, you’ll want to wear darker, richer colors like burgundy, dark greens, and deep yellows. Remember what we said about the mood of the wedding? This is the time to let the colors of the wedding and surroundings influence your clothing choices.

  • If unsure, ask someone, “Is this wedding formal or informal?” and plan your attire accordingly.

Decoding the Dress Code

Winery weddings are known for their diverse dress codes, from casual to black tie. So, how do you decode this spectrum of attire? The key is to blend in with the wedding party’s chosen level of formality. This doesn’t mean you have to match their attire exactly, but you should aim to dress at the same level of formality or one level below, always considering the bride and groom’s attire as a benchmark for your own.

For instance, if the wedding is formal, men are encouraged to wear a suit, complemented with a tie or bow tie. On the other hand, semi-formal attire offers guests more fashion freedom, allowing them to groom their outfits to strike a balance between formal and casual elements, creating a sophisticated look without being overly strict.

Embracing Lightweight Fabrics

Lightweight Fabrics for Winery Wedding. Beautiful grass photos.

Outdoor winery weddings call for fabrics that allow you to bask in the open-air environment without getting too hot or uncomfortable. Enter lightweight and breathable fabrics! They are your best bet for staying comfortable while looking classy.

Cotton, linen, and seersucker are perfect for their breathability and lightweight properties. Then there’s the Swiss Dot. This fabric breathes well and carries a distinctive dotted motif that adds a playful touch to your wedding attire.

Mastering the Color Palette

Choosing the right colors for your winery wedding outfit is much like selecting the perfect wine – it’s all about balance and harmony. A wine country wedding can be complemented by neutral colors like beige, light grey, and navy blue. These colors can create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere for the special day. While black is generally avoided due to its formality and heat attraction, deeper hues with a little sheen can be worn in the summer.

Seasonal colors also come into play. Think romantic reds, pinks, light blue, pastels for spring; blues, pinks, and yellows for summer; and hues such as gold, orange, rust, or sapphire for autumn celebrations.

For traditional Indian weddings, bold hues like lime green, rainbow, yellow, and red are appropriate, along with attire in earthy and celestial tones that complement the natural venue setting.

Comfortable Footwear Choices

Choosing the right footwear for an outdoor vineyard wedding can be a balancing act. You want to look stylish but must also account for the vineyard’s uneven terrain.

For women, wedges or block heels are a great choice. They offer a blend of stability and style, making navigating the vineyard’s varied outdoor surfaces easier. Meanwhile, men are advised to opt for loafers or dressy sneakers. These choices offer the perfect balance of comfort and formality for a winery wedding.

Accessorize with Style

Accessories are the perfect way to elevate your winery wedding outfit and add a touch to your style. For men attending casual winery weddings, stylish additions like a watch or a pocket square can enhance their ensemble. A tie or bow tie can create a polished look for more formal settings. Men aiming for a sophisticated semi-formal look can use accessories like a stylish hat for sun protection. When choosing accessories, guests should remember the bride’s theme to ensure their accessories complement the wedding’s aesthetic.

Both men and women can benefit from the classic and functional accessory – sunglasses. They provide style and protection during outdoor summer parties. And why not bring the vineyard into your look? Accessorizing with botanical-inspired elements like floral ties or pocket squares can beautifully tie your outfit to the vineyard setting.

Women’s Winery Wedding Outfit Ideas

Winery Wedding Outfit Ideas can be challenging. Of course you can chose the right pair of shoes and clothing protect.

Finally, let’s discuss outfit ideas for women attending a winery wedding. There’s plenty to choose from, from the flowy fabrics to the trendy jumpsuits. Garden party dresses with open backs or ruffled details can be perfect for winery weddings because of the outdoor, romantic setting. A stylish purple lace dress looks totally at home amongst the vines. She looks confident in this outfit idea. You should also take note of the bride’s dress and make sure your outfit is on the same fashion note.

Choose cool and sleek fabrics like charmeuse for those hot summer winery weddings. They’ll keep you so comfortable while you still look formal. A subtle crop top and a flirty mid-length skirt are perfect for a summer wedding guest outfit.

Floral Midi Dresses

Floral midi dresses are one of the most requested items for vineyard weddings. They capture the romantic garden vibe of the venue perfectly, and they’re just as versatile. Whether your wedding is formal or casual, you can wear a floral midi dress and look amazing.

You can choose from a variety of designs. Some feature bold floral patterns, while others come in season-ready shades. The key is to choose a design that matches your style and the overall vibe of the wedding.

Chic Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are another fashionable option for women attending a winery wedding. They combine the elegance of a dress with the comfort and practicality of pants, making them perfect for navigating ceremonies and receptions at a winery.

A white jumpsuit can enhance the elegance of your attire while harmonizing with the vineyard’s natural backdrop. And for summer winery events, rompers with vibrant floral prints are both festive and suitable.

Men’s Winery Wedding Attire Suggestions

Men's Winery Wedding Attire

Now, let’s focus on men’s attire for winery weddings. From lightweight suits to stylish footwear, there are plenty of options to explore. A dark, lightweight custom suit with a tie is a great choice for a formal winery wedding. Alternatively, a light-colored suit can maintain formality while offering comfort in an outdoor setting.

Shoes can even become a contributing factor in the completion of a man’s winery wedding outfit. Derby shoes, an open lacing system, offer a stylish flare that can be practical for all the different terrains seen at many outdoor winery weddings. Monk strap shoes provide a unique buckle detail that can bring your outfit to a new level of style.

Blazers and Slacks

Semi-formal wear at a winery means you can throw on a blazer with matching dress pants. A tweed blazer and navy trousers combo would be our idea of a great semi-formal country wedding outfit.

You can even incorporate some of your style into your look. Non-traditional colors for dress shirts and pocket squares always make great semi-formal blazers and slacks outfits. They’ll set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Linen Suit Options

When it comes to outdoor weddings, linen suits are a top pick. They are light and breathable and ensure comfort in a variety of temperatures. A linen suit perfectly balances a comfortable yet formal look in spring, making it ideal for an outdoor winery wedding.

Seasonal Touches

Seasonal Touches for Wedding Attire

Incorporating seasonal touches into your attire can enhance the overall vibe of your outfit during the wedding season. Bright pastel accessories or vibrant floral prints can add seasonal flair to a spring wedding guest outfit. Layering with seasonal items like a cozy shawl, bolero, or smart topcoat offers a practical and stylish choice for guests at spring or cooler-season weddings.

For summer weddings, guests can make bold statements with bright colors and unique prints, staples for summer wedding attire. Choosing fabrics is also crucial, with linen and cotton recommended for warm weather and wool or velvet for cooler temperatures.

Group Coordination Ideas

Winery weddings are a fun place to be with friends or family…especially if you’re a bridesmaid! If the entire party is attending, sharing your expectations for your bridal party attire is smart. Put together a Pinterest board to share with guests as a visual, distribute printed guidelines, or take a shopping trip together to pick out all the same invite dresses. Grouped guests can also reference the bride or her wedding stationery visual guide to pick an outfit that will fit in with the rest of the wedding party.

For colors, aim to match but don’t have to be 100%—this gives each person their style while still looking cohesive with the wedding color scheme. If there isn’t a color theme set, opt for different shades of the same neutral color to provide the most options for your group and your style.

Children’s Attire for Winery Weddings

Children's Attire for Winery Weddings

Dressing children up in winery wedding attire can be so much fun, but there are some things you should keep in mind. Children’s clothing should be slightly dressier than their everyday clothes, but you should always prioritize comfort so you don’t overdress them.

For example, toddlers’ winery wedding attire should be fairly formal, but opt for outfits with elasticized waists for little ones in suits. You want to choose party dresses with simple skirts that don’t interfere with their ability to walk. For babies’ winery wedding attire, consider easy access to diapers, and don’t choose anything with tricky snaps or buttons for pre-potty-trained little ones.

What about traditional attire?

If you’re invited to a traditional Indian winery wedding, the dress code will likely be different. Women typically wear colorful sarees (long skirts with no waistline), and men wear long-sleeved tunics or knee-length jackets with bold colors and patterns. Because modesty is important in these ceremonies, you should wear something that covers your shoulders and knees.

Additionally, both men and women will want a head covering for the ceremony, whether the wedding is Sikh or Hindu. White and red are inappropriate for guests, but all other vibrant colors are encouraged. Indian wedding ceremonies can last longer than much of the guest list is prepared for, so be sure to wear comfortable footwear and clothing that will allow you to sit comfortably for long periods.

Plan for weather.

We love a winery wedding! There’s something so lovely and rustic about an outdoor celebration, but that can be hard on your guests. As we mentioned before, safety is the top priority, and if there’s even a slight chance of inclement weather, you’ll want to ensure you have the proper equipment and contingency plans.

The weather should also be considered when choosing your clothing. Layering is always great for kids, particularly for an outdoor wedding where temperatures may change throughout the day. If there’s any extreme temperatures risk, pack clothing and accessories to keep everyone comfortable. Snow gear? Raincoat?

The Last Pour

There you have it! From understanding the dress code to packing for temperature fluctuations, you’re fully equipped to dress for a winery wedding. Remember, with winery weddings, comfort equals chic. So whether you’re a guest, bridesmaid, or groomsman, embrace the elegance of the vineyard and let your outfit choice capture the spirit of wine country!


What type of dress code should I prepare for at a winery wedding?

The dress code for a winery wedding ranges from casual to black tie, so consider the level of formality of the wedding party.

What kind of shoes should I wear to a winery wedding?

For women, wedges or block heels. For men, loafers or dressy sneakers are ideal for a winery wedding.

What colors should I wear to a winery wedding?

Neutral, seasonal, and earthy tones are ideal for a winery wedding, while bright colors are more appropriate for traditional Indian weddings.

What kind of clothes should kids wear to winery weddings?

Kids should wear formal but comfortable attire for a winery wedding. Anything too casual is not recommended.

How should I prepare for weather fluctuations at a winery wedding?

Always have appropriate gear and a plan for unexpected weather changes at a winery wedding. Additionally, pack the right clothes for impending bad weather before the event.

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